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Bring your online games skills to this online gangster game and be the fearless gangster you always wanted to be. Rise to the top and let no one stand in your way....

Obviously you'll start at the bottom, as a scrubby little Tramp, best off starting mini crimes if you want to increase your gangster skills and begin the journey up the hierarchy.

Soon you'll be given special gangster missions that will deliver special rewards on completion......
You will be able to pick up different properties from a bullet factory, a gas station, a bank, and others including gambling properties like the blackjack table and the roulette table and a slot machine and high/low cards, you will gain good profits on these properties which will help you to make fortunes.

Buy and sell drugs in different countries but try not to get caught as you will endure jail time.
Get groups of players together to perform organized crimes.

There's so many activities in this game we can't possibly mention them all here. Please have fun playing this game and GOOD LUCK!!...

Crack the online gangster game Safe

Currently Contains :
2,000 Points
Steal the in game helicopter

Highest Score This Week :
Paulie with 1,000

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Online gangster game Rules

You are responsible for your own online games activities.

If someone has access to your account and they steal your swiss/points then Online Gangster Game can not be held responsible.

Do Not advertise other games in here as this is not tolerated and will result in your account being banned.

This game is a challange so feel free to message our staff as they are also there to help you.
You wouldn't go into other online games and ask staff for free stuff, but you can claim free points by using your referral link and also using the in game bonus's.

Do not harass other players, use common sense on this one, if you don't know when your crossing the line from fantasy into harassment, assume that you are harassing the other player. This will not be tolerated and will result in a stiff punishment.

Profile images with nudity or otherwise offensive images in this gangster game will be removed, and may result in your account being banned.

Full rules can be found in game.
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